Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Bentley logo wallpapersBentley was founded January 18, 191.
Headquarters are in Crewe, England, UK
Key people incompany are the Dr. Franz Josef Paefgen — CEO since 2002.BENTLEY (England) 1920 to date
One of the truly great British sports cars, the first Bentley appeared at the 1919 Motor Show but did not reach the public until 1921.
This car was a long-stroke ohc 3 litre model, having a fixed head and four valves per cylinder. Although this remained in production until 1929, the next model was a more sophisticated six-cylinder 6 1/2 litre car which appeared in 1926. W. O. Bentley reverted to his four-cylinder theme with the 4 1/2 litre of 1927 (and supercharged by Sir Henry Birkin for 1930) though the mighty 8 litre of 1930 was a further development of the 6 1/2 litre layout.

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